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Porcelain Crowns vs. Gold Crowns

How do you choose whether to get a porcelain crown vs gold crown?

For years, dentistry offered only gold or other metal crowns. Not the most esthetic solution for your teeth. Then porcelain came on the scene. While porcelain is strong and beautiful, it was brittle and prone to fracture on sharp impact. Porcelain has gotten more tooth-like and much stronger than in previous years. Porcelain crown fractures happen much much less than in the past.

Now when choosing a porcelain crown versus a gold crown you have a new option.

Zirconia crowns are an entirely new type of aesthetic tooth colored crown. Zirconia crowns are much stronger than porcelain crowns and to be made thinner; necessitating less reduction of the your tooth. Zirconia crowns are a great choice for back molars where the highest pressures in the mouth occur. Zirconia is so tough it is almost impossible to fracture. If you are a patient who grinds their teeth but doesn’t want a flashy gold crown, zirconia may be the perfect choice.

Zirconium Crown

What are the disadvantages of zirconia? First, zirconia is less translucent then porcelain resulting in a more opaque crown. Because they are less translucent, zirconia crowns are a good acceptable choice for back teeth where pressures are high, and a porcelain crown is a better choice for a front tooth where pressures are low and esthetic need is crucial. Second, because zirconia is so hard it is important that regular dental visits are maintained so that your dentist can follow up and make sure that no damage is being caused to surrounding teeth by grinding.

When choosing what type of crown to have in your mouth ask your Boise Dentist about Zirconia crowns.