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Dental Implants in Boise Idaho and Your Bite




Dental implants in Boise Idaho give us the amazing ability to replace teeth. Before dental implants our only options was a bridge (using the teeth on either side of a space to support a false tooth) or a denture. Dental Implant is the only solution that exists to replace the root and the crown of the tooth; thus restoring the full tooth unit.

Dental Implants are wonderful. Implants never get cavities, they preserve bone, prevent drifting of teeth, are resistant to gum disease and decrease load on other teeth. But what bad things happen to dental implants?

Teeth are held in our mouths by thousands of tiny ligament fibers. These fibers act as tiny shock absorbers. Implants are fused directly to the jaw bone. The pressures of day to day eating cause natural wear to our teeth. Enamel wears at a different rate than gold, which wears at a different rate than silver fillings, which is different than porcelain and on and on… you get the picture. After time, and natural wear and tear if your implant took starts to his a little harder the bone that supports the implant breaks down and can even result in loosening or total loss of the implant.

It is important to have a dentist who understands this process and who evaluates your implant(s) bite at periodic checkups, to give your implant the best chance of success for the long-term.