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I lost a tooth. Why is a dental implant the correct choice for replacement?




Large decay, fractured root, infection; all bad news. Any one of these may result in the loss of a tooth. Now what? Luckily there are several options for replacement of your tooth.

Your boise dentist may recommend a dental implant as the best option for several reasons:

1. A Dental Implant  is the only option that will preserve the jaw bone health after extraction.

2. A Dental Implant is a “stand alone” tooth replacement, keeping a one-tooth problem son-tooth problem.

3. A Dental Implant can’t get a cavity, and is a life-long solution.

4. You can brush it, floss it, and is not removable. As close as you can get to having your tooth back! Ask your Boise Dentist about Dental Implants.