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Meridian Dental Visit for kids.




What age should I take my kids for a first visit at a Meridian Dental Office? This question comes up quite often from my patients who have children. The pediatric associations recommend one year as a target for a child’s first dental exam. Several other factors may also play into the decision of when to first take your toddler to the dentist like emotional maturity and stranger anxiety.

Your first Meridian Dental office visit should happen before any problems are present. The best time to introduce a child to the dentist is before any invasive treatment is required. Preventative care can happen at the pace that your child’s emotional needs demand. Some one and two year olds hop into the chair on their fist visit, while many three year olds have had three “fun visits” at the dental offices before they will willingly accept an exam. Going to the Meridian Dental office child visit at the first sign of a problem results in priority given to fix a problem before it worsens -at the expense of the child’s emotional comfort. Early exams let positive associations, not emergency treatment, take precedent.

Insurance companies normally pay 100% of exams and preventative visits. Take your child now to your Meridian Dental office. We call these “Fun Visits” at our office, and they are based on what the child will comfortably accept. These fun appointments involve a ride in the dental chair, a balloon animals and introduction to the treasure chest. These appointments result in a positive association with the Dr Cantwell before any treatment is rendered. Even the most timid child can’t help but relax after several fun visits. Call today to schedule your child’s initial exam with your Meridian Dental office of choose: Atlantis Dental Care.