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Dental Implants Service Boise ID

Dental Implants Service Boise ID

© Atlantis Dental Care
© Atlantis Dental Care
© Atlantis Dental Care
© Atlantis Dental Care

  • What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are your best option to replace a missing tooth.  A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made from medically pure Titanium. It is placed where the original root of the tooth was and is used to support a porcelain crown that is made to match the natural teeth around it.


  • Are Dental Implants Strong?

Yes.  They are made from the same material that artificial hips and knees are manufactured from: Titanium.  Your body’s bone fuses permanently to the titanium to provide a very strong and long-lasting solution.  What’s better is the implant can never get a cavity – the number one cause of crown and bridge failure.


  • What are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

You brush and floss normally. No removable parts.

Improved appearance.

Better chewing and eating – replacement of missing teeth increases the efficiency of chewing and take the stress off other teeth.  This allows more teeth to share the work of chewing resulting in less wear and tear, extending the life of your teeth and dental work.

Durability – implants are a long-lasting solution that provide improved oral health.  When a tooth is extracted the jaw bone in that area startes to weaken and dissolve at a rate of 6 – 28% each year!  If an implant is used to replace a tooth, the bone loss is halted and the jaw is strengthened.

Better speech – dentures can move and slip.  The extra plastic thickness of a denture can alter speaking ability.  Implants can secure a denture from slipping or allow you to get rid of a denture once and for all.


  • Do Dental Implants Always work?

Success rates vary by circumstance, but in general, implants enjoy a 98% success rate.  The area of the implant, the experience and training of your surgeon are important factors in the success of your implant.  Dr. Cantwell is one of only a few dentists in the Treasure Valley that has completed formal, implant surgical training and is certified as a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.


  • Will Dental Insurance Cover the Cost of My Dental Implants?

Many dental insurance plans have coverage for dental implants.  Our staff will be glad to help you determine your dental implant insurance coverage.

***  All X-rays and photography of dental work are real patients of Dr. Cantwell. All work was completed by  and photographed by Dr. Cantwell.

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