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It's Never too Late for a Healthier, Straighter Smile

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For decades, most adults have looked at orthodontic treatment as something that’s either done in childhood or not at all. So, if your smile misalignment wasn’t corrected in childhood, it’s understandable you feel the opportunity to do anything about it has passed you by.

The truth is that with modern orthodontic treatments, you can finally enjoy the beautiful, straight smile you’ve always envied in others. Dental technology has advanced to the point where we can not only offer effective adult treatments like Invisalign, but the results can be achieved in less time than you probably think possible.

Brief History of Invisalign

Way back in 1997, a student at Stanford University who ...

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Don't Be Tempted by DIY Braces on Pinterest. Talk to Us about Invisalign

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If you spend any time on Pinterest, you may have come across videos of the various ways people try to get a straighter smile without orthodontic treatment and wondered if it's something you should consider for your crooked smile.

It’s true that the price tag of orthodontics can seem like an obstacle if you’re thinking about improving your smile. But the cost isn’t related to the materials used, but instead to the expertise of a skilled orthodontist who can plan successful, long-term treatment.

Reasons Not to Try DIY Braces

You may wonder why it's a bad idea because some DIY'ers appear to have success in moving their teeth. But closing a gap in one ...

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Invisalign Benefits

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When we were kids orthodontics was done for a specific reason: beauty. Face it, that's why parents took us to the orthodontist. That's what the orthodontist wanted: beautiful straight teeth. That's also what other people wanted. Business school research shows that people with crooked teeth averaged lower wages. 

Why Invisalign?

While all that may be true, many patients have crooked teeth. No big deal right? You’re married. Your spouse loves you with crooked teeth. You got a date to the prom. You have your dream job. Why have my teeth straightened with Invisalign? The answer may surprise you. And it comes down to dollars. That's right, it’s cheaper to straighten ...

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How Do I Know If I Need a Boise Orthodontist?

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Many of my adult patients had braces by a Boise Orthodontist when they were children. They are surprised that their teeth are becoming crooked again. Many people ask how to keep their teeth straight or to get them to straighten out again. Two of the options could be to wear a retainer or to get Invisalign

Adult Orthodontics

Most Patients blame the changes in the alignment of their teeth on their wisdom teeth (the failure to take them out timely enough or deciding not to take them out at all). Research has shown us that even patients that take out their wisdom teeth first, then have orthodontics still have shifting ...

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