Full and Partial Dentures in Boise, ID

dentures | boise id Having a beautiful smile is an asset in a world where people often make snap judgments based on our appearance. But missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures can make it difficult for you to smile comfortably can take a toll on your self-confidence.

Are you thinking of getting dentures in Boise, ID but resist the idea because you're afraid that they’ll look fake and obvious? You may remember your parents or grandparents complaining about the fit or feel of their dentures and worry that you might face the same difficulties. If so, we’re happy to tell you that at Atlantis Dental Care, we make dentures that don’t look like dentures!

Advances in dental technology and the availability of natural-looking materials make it possible to completely customize full and partial dentures at our Boise dental office. Your new dentures will fit comfortably, look natural, and open the door to an active social life again.

Types of Dentures

Dr. Dave Cantwell recommends full dentures for patients in Boise who are missing all the teeth in their upper arch, lower arch, or both. If you still have most of your teeth, we would recommend a partial denture. Partials are designed to fit in and around your remaining teeth and are secured to adjacent teeth with clasps.

Part of exceeding your expectations for natural-looking dentures is understanding what those expectations are and how we can best help you achieve your goals. Dr. Cantwell will collaborate with you to customize your dentures down to the smallest details. As we plan your new dentures, we’ll plan the shape, shade, size, and positioning of each artificial tooth to bring out the best in your smile. Your teeth will not feel loose or slip at the wrong time.

Will my dentures look natural?

dentures | boise id This is one of the most questions we hear most frequently from patients looking to replace missing teeth in Boise, ID. With 20 years of experience, Dr. Cantwell has all the expertise necessary to create high-quality, durable dentures that are customized just for your smile. We work with custom dental labs in our area where skilled technicians use the latest materials to fabricate your dentures.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Denture wearers often complain that their loose dentures move unexpectedly and cause irritation to the jaw. If you have an older denture, you may not realize that the shape of your jaw has changed over the years as it loses bone density. If your dentures no longer fit properly, and you’re looking for a more permanent solution, implant-supported dentures may be the answer to your needs.

Dr. Cantwell will explain how we use dental implants to secure your dentures to your jaw. With the addition of dental implants, your dentures will stay securely in place so you can eat, speak, and smile with confidence.

Please Call to Arrange a Convenient Consultation

Everyone deserves the confidence of a beautiful, healthy smile that looks natural and functions as it’s meant to. If you are looking for a dentist in Boise, who can help you replace missing teeth, contact Atlantis Dental Care to arrange a dental appointment with Dr. Cantwell.