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Smile Gallery: Dental Implants

Many of us dream of a perfectly healthy and beautiful smile that attracts others and helps us feel good about our appearance. But there are so many dental procedures available today that it can be hard to picture how one or the other might benefit you.

Over the years, Dr. Cantwell has helped hundreds of his patients achieve the smile of their dreams. If you would like to get an idea of the changes that are possible for you, please take a moment to browse the Before and After images of smile transformations we've created for our actual patients. All work was performed and photographed by Dr. Cantwell.

Fixing a Discolored, Decaying Smile
An accident left this patient with a tooth that had not only become discolored, but also started dissolving at the root. Since the root was beyond repair, we extracted the tooth and placed a single tooth implant. We capped the implant with a crown an...[Read More]