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How to Find and Evaluate a Family Dentist in Boise

Boise ID Dentist | Atlantis Dental Care

You need to find a Family Dentist in Boise Idaho, but how? Determining if a dentist has excellent training and caring can be very difficult. Does an appealing yellow page ad mean “Great Dentist” or just that a great marketing firm was hired? How about a convenient location. While a nice perk, it doesn’t tell you anything about the skills and caring of the Dentist.1-800 Dentist or other advertised “dentist finding services” are usually just paid advertisements by the dentist.

Offers of free or discount services have absolutely no connection to good dentistry. Do the mailers in your mail box have “before and after-treatment photos” of beautiful smiles? Did the advertising ...

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Gum Disease can be Sneaky

Periodontal Treatment | Boise Id Dentist

What is Gum Disease?

Gingivitis or Gum Disease is an infection of the gum tissues. Periodontitis or Jaw Bone Disease occurs when the bone holding your teeth becomes infected and dissolves away. These diseases can affect just a few specific teeth or your entire mouth. They can range from early, mild (non-painful) stage to an advanced very damaging and painful condition with loss of teeth, and bacteria that affect your heart and other areas of body. Gum Disease in Boise Idaho is sneaky. Well, it’s sneaky everywhere, but maybe even more in Boise. I see lots of it.

A new study involving over 3,500 people discovered that almost half of all ...

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Porcelain Crowns vs. Gold Crowns

Dental Crowns | Boise ID Dentist

How do you choose whether to get a porcelain crown vs gold crown?

For years, dentistry offered only gold or other metal crowns. Not the most aesthetic solution for your teeth. Then porcelain came on the scene. While porcelain is strong and beautiful, it was brittle and prone to fracture on sharp impact. Porcelain has gotten more tooth-like and much stronger than in previous years. Porcelain crown fractures happen much much less than in the past.

Now when choosing a porcelain crown versus a gold crown you have a new option.

Zirconium Crown

Zirconia crowns are an entirely new type of aesthetic tooth colored crown. Zirconia crowns are much stronger than porcelain crowns and ...

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Dental Implants in Boise Idaho

Dental Implants | Boise ID Dentist

My Grandfather passed away last week. He was 101 years old, born well before the advent of Dental Implants. He was an amazing man who taught me many things, told me many stories, and was a great example of how to live a kind and humble existence. He told me many many stories about his youth. Many stories were about the Indians, the Spanish Flu pandemic, and the Great Depression. Some of those stories were about going to the dentist and what it was like 100 years ago. Stories about no anesthetic, no x-rays, and no gloves. He did not like going to the dentist when he was a little ...

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Meridian Dental Visit for Kids

Children's Dentistry in Boise ID

What age should I take my kids for their first visit at a Meridian Dental Office?

This question comes up quite often from my patients who have children. The pediatric associations recommend one year as a target for a child’s first dental exam. Several other factors may also play into the decision of when to first take your toddler to the dentist like emotional maturity and stranger anxiety.

Your first Meridian Dental office visit should happen before any problems are present. The best time to introduce a child to the dentist is before any invasive treatment is required. Preventative care can happen at the pace that your child’s emotional needs demand. Some ...

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I lost a tooth. Why is a dental implant the correct choice for replacement?

Dental Implant for Lost Tooth | Eagle ID

Large decay, fractured root, infection; all bad news. Any one of these may result in the loss of a tooth. Now what? Luckily there are several options for replacement of your tooth.

Your Boise dentist may recommend a dental implant as the best option for several reasons:

  • A Dental Implant is the only option that will preserve the jaw bone health after extraction.
  • A Dental Implant is a “stand-alone” tooth replacement, keeping a one-tooth problem son-tooth problem.
  • A Dental Implant can’t get a cavity and is a life-long solution.

You can brush it, floss it, and is not removable. As close as you can get to having your tooth back! Ask your Eagle Dentist about ...

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Welcome to our New Office Manager, Bonnie!

We felt it was time to add another professional to our staff. We found a real pro in Bonnie. Come meet her and be impressed with her level of dental knowledge. Bonnie has been in the dental field since she was a teen. She has worked chair side with the doctor, front desk, billing and management. She and our long-term receptionist Joyce bring a wealth of experience to the practice. Appointments are more efficient for our patients and dealings with dental insurance are clarified. Take a minute and come meet our new front office superstar addition.

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