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How to Find and Evaluate a Family Dentist in Boise

October 8, 2012
Posted By: David Cantwell, DDS
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You need to find a Family Dentist in Boise Idaho, but how? Determining if a dentist has excellent training and caring can be very difficult. Does an appealing yellow page ad mean “Great Dentist” or just that a great marketing firm was hired? How about a convenient location. While a nice perk, it doesn’t tell you anything about the skills and caring of the Dentist.1-800 Dentist or other advertised “dentist finding services” are usually just paid advertisements by the dentist.

Offers of free or discount services have absolutely no connection to good dentistry. Do the mailers in your mail box have “before and after-treatment photos” of beautiful smiles? Did the advertising dentist treat the patients in the photos? I get these mailers almost daily in my mailbox and ninety-nine percent of the photos are not work done by the advertising dentist but are stock photos purchased by professional postcard marketing companies. Can the advertising dentist promise the results in the photos if it was not his work in the first place?

How about asking a neighbor or family member what Family Dentist in Boise they see? This method can be helpful with some follow-up questions like, “Would you recommend your dentist and if so why do you trust your families oral health to them?” and “How did you find your dentist?” Ask someone whose opinion you trust. Online Reviews can be helpful here as well, but unfortunately, you do not know the reviewer, and cannot ask them follow-up questions.

Let's face it. The average consumer can’t tell how meticulous the filling was placed or the crown was made, or whether the most current technique was used to extract a tooth. The less-than-ideal filling or crown may feel fine until it wears out prematurely a couple of years later. The sub-par surgery may heal with little incident, but may leave less bone and structure giving little hope in the future of placing a dental implant to replace the lost tooth.

Dental Schools and State Dental Board exams help to protect the public through exams and requirements. But as the old joke goes, “What do you call the person who graduates last in their class?” The answer is “Doctor”. State Dental Boards are appointed by the Governor and volunteer their time to protect the public by holding health professionals to a minimal “standard of care”. But “minimal” or “average” care isn’t what most people desire.

Here are some great less-subjective tips that everyone can use to find a quality Family Dentist worth his corny jokes and goofy glasses

Tips to Finding a Great Dentist:

  1. Every dentist is required to complete Continuing Education hours, or “CE” to keep their license. In Idaho the requirement is 15 hours of CE classes per year. Meaning a minimum of 15 hours. Call the prospective dental office and ask how many hours of CE the dentist has completed over the last five years. Look for a Family Dentist in Boise that has shown a passion for staying current with education, 50-100 hours per year of CE is not uncommon. And usually means they spent some time on the road investing in “high-quality” education. The Academy of General Dentistry is the leading educator of dentists for over 50 years and helps give rigorous education standards conferring awards of “FAGD” and “MAGD” to those few dentists that have achieved higher education goals and standards.
  2. National Provider Database. This one may not be as helpful, but is concrete. If a dentist has had multiple reports on this database then you should be wary and do your homework.
  3. Interview the Family Dentist in Boise. A caring dentist cares. Most dentists are private practitioners, not large hospital bureaucracies. They won’t have unlimited time, but will gladly take a few minutes to meet you and answer your questions. Go meet your prospective dentist before scheduling an exam.

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All Family Dentist in Boise are not the same. Don’t just pick a dentist. Choose a professional that your family can partner with to provide life-long, excellent oral health. Contact Atlantis Dental care today to find out what we are about.

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