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I have bleeding after my extraction. What should I do?

It is normal to have some lite or intermittent bleeding after extraction of a tooth. Here is a list, in order, of steps to remedy:

Heavy Bleeding that will not stop. Call the office or go to the emergency room immediately.

  1. Limit Activity: the more active you are the increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Sit down, lay back and relax till bleeding stops.
  2. Pressure: use the gauze that was provided by the office. Fold into a tight square and place directly over the extraction site. Bit firmly and hold still. Resist the urge to check it for 1 hour. Watch TV.
  3. Black Tea: Take a slightly moistened tea bag and place over site and bite down. Stay still.  Wait 1 hour before checking.

These three tips will take care of 99% of bleeding that occur after tooth extraction. If you may need more attention if you medical conditions or take medication that affect bleeding.

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