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What is the difference between bridges and dentures?

At Atlantis Dental Care, we offer several solutions to replace missing teeth in Boise, ID. One question we're often asked is to explain the difference between dental bridges and full and partial dentures. Both options will restore your ability to speak clearly and eat comfortably, but they go about it in slightly different ways.

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Dental bridges are a replacement for one to four teeth that are bonded permanently in place. The replacement teeth are made from porcelain and fixed into place by crowning teeth on either side of the space missing teeth. When cemented in place, a dental bridge acts similar to your natural teeth allowing for good function and chewing ability.

Full Dentures

By contrast, we use dentures at our Boise dental office when a person is missing all or most all of their teeth. Full dentures—also referred to as complete dentures—are made from acrylic/plastic, look life-like, and provide a good aesthetic replacement for your teeth. Unlike a fixed dental bridge, dentures are removable and do not provide as much functional chewing ability as a bridge, but when they are combined with dental implants, they deliver far better chewing ability.

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