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Why should I choose a dental implant?

dental implant diagram | dentist 83713Choosing to get a dental implant is a big decision. After years of helping our patients understand the benefits of dental implants in Boise, we have some tips to pass along that should help make your decision a little easier.

What are the advantages?

Dental implants are the preferred method for tooth replacement by dentists because they offer many advantages: 

  • You can replace a tooth without damaging healthy adjacent teeth. Altering the structure of healthy teeth is never a good idea, and a dental restoration placed on the tooth will eventually need to be replaced.
  • When you replace a missing tooth with a bridge, you've created a three-tooth solution for a one-tooth problem. If any of the three teeth are damaged, you will have to replace the entire bridge. 
  • You can floss around a dental implant, but a bridge is designed as one unit, so flossing involves getting in and around the dental work with the aid of floss threaders. 
  • The implant that's placed in your jaw won't get a cavity and should last a lifetime with proper care. Dental bridges, on the other hand, often fail because of a cavity on one of the anchor teeth.

Schedule an implant consultation

If you would like more information and help in deciding if getting a dental implant in Boise, ID is the right step for you, pleases contact Atlantis Dental and request an appointment with Dr. Cantwell.

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