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Do I still need to go to the dentist if I have dentures?

older woman smiling | dentures boise idPeriodic dental checkups are still needed even if you don’t have teeth. It is vital that we check your dentures at our Boise dental office periodically and reline it to ensure a precise, comfortable fit. This process reduces the amount of jaw bone that is lost.

How often do I need to get my dentures checked?

For many patients with full dentures, dental exams every four to six months is a good idea. However, in some cases, you may only need to visit Atlantis Dental Care once a year for annual checkups. These visits also allow Dr. Cantwell to check the general condition of your dentures for wear and comfortable fit and to make sure that there are no cracks or damage.

You will also get a fresh start for the next year because we professionally clean your dentures. If you have dental implants supporting your denture, the attachments are sometimes unscrewed and cleaned and checked for wear and tear. For your safety and well-being, Dr. Cantwell will also perform an oral cancer screening at these appointments. 

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A little bit of prevention with your dentures can prolong their usefulness and keep several mouth conditions like fungus and jaw bone loss from plaguing the average denture wearer. Please contact our Boise dental office to arrange your next appointment.

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