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I recently got my teeth whitened. What steps should I take to maintain them?

woman smiling | teeth whitening boise idProfessional teeth whitening in Boise, ID is one of the most convenient, affordable ways to brighten your smile and refresh your overall appearance. At Atlantis Dental, offer our patients the flexibility of choosing an in-office treatment or customized teeth whitening kits to use at home.

After whitening, you want to maintain the level of brightness for as long as possible.

Tips for extending teeth whitening results

  • Check your oral hygiene habits – Even if you think you know how to brush and floss properly, it’s a good idea to get tips from your dental hygienist for getting the most out of your efforts.
  • Be aware of the foods that stain your teeth – Red wine, coffee, dark tea, and cola are notorious for staining teeth. But there are other foods like soy sauce, curries, and tomato sauce that can also darken your smile.
  • Stop using tobacco products – If you are a smoker, you already know there are numerous good reasons to quit, and maintaining a bright smile is another.

Dental Cleanings & Exams

You should also include routine preventive visits for dental cleanings and exams. Dr. Dave Cantwell will ensure that your smile is healthy and beautiful, and he will clean and polish your teeth to give you a “clean slate” to maintain your bright smile.

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