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What is gum disease?

Gum Disease | Deep Cleaning Boise IDOne of the first and most obvious symptoms of gum disease is bleeding gums. You may also see other signs that gum disease is present, like red, tender, or puffy gums.

No Symptoms?

It's important to recognize that you have gum disease and take steps to treat it; however, one of the reasons that gum disease is so prevalent is that there are often no noticeable symptoms at all.

You can see why we strongly recommend routine exams and cleanings – these basic procedures are one of the easiest ways to catch gum disease in its early stages before too much damage has been done. If we catch it soon enough, gum disease can easily be treated, removing the infection and minimizing the risk of future problems.

Will it go away without treatment?

Gum disease doesn’t go away by itself, and you can’t prevent it just by brushing and flossing more, although that’s always a good idea! The only way to prevent gum disease or treat it when it occurs is with routine professional dental cleanings.

Once you’ve had gum disease, you are always at risk for getting it again. Please call our Boise dental office for an appointment, and we’ll be happy to perform a thorough exam and cleaning to prevent and treat gum disease.