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Is teeth whitening safe?

couple after professional teeth whitening in boise idProfessional Teeth Whitening at Atlantis Dental Care

Does bleaching gel damage my tooth enamel? Is professional teeth whitening safe for my teeth?

The answer is yes. Whitening your teeth is safe for your enamel. The main problem that most people have with teeth whitening in Boise, if any, is tooth sensitivity.

Some people experience sensitivity from the whitening gel that can cause discomfort. An excellent way to avoid dealing with sensitive teeth during whitening is to brighten your smile under the guidance of your dental team. Dr. Cantwell can help determine the right strength of bleaching gel to use based on your level of sensitivity and adjust it, so it minimizes your discomfort.

Teeth Whitening Options in Boise 

If you choose in-office teeth whitening at Atlantis Dental Care, we finish with a fluoride treatment to help reduce any tooth sensitivity you might have. If you opt to whiten your teeth at home with a take-home system, Dr. Cantwell will customize your bleaching gel to the right strength for you, and you can always take time off in between treatments to avoid sensitivity.

If you'd like more information on brightening your smile with professional teeth whitening in Boise, we'd love to talk with you! Call Atlantis Dental Care today at (208) 938-2468 for more information.

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