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5 Common Problems We Can Fix with Porcelain Veneers

On a day-to-day basis, your teeth take a lot of abuse. It makes sense that some of this wear and tear will take its toll in the form of esthetic smile flaws like chipped or broken teeth.At our Boise, ID dental office, we use porcelain veneers to address several similar problems. A veneer is a thin ceramic shell that we bond to the front surface of your tooth. Since a veneer covers your tooth completely, we can create a harmonious appearance that you may not have thought was possible.Let’s take a look at five most common problems we can fix with veneers:Chipped or Broken Teeth – People commonly use their ...

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Considering Dentures? 3 Benefits You Can Count On

Benefits of Dentures | Boise ID Dentist
Dentures have a long history of restoring function and appearance when teeth are lost. In fact, as early as the 7th century BC, partial dentures were created in ancient Italy using human or other animal teeth that were fastened together with gold bands.Thank goodness dentures have gone through numerous transformations since then! Today we can offer dentures at our Meridian, ID office that look, fit, and feel more like natural teeth than you ever thought possible.However, getting dentures is a big decision, so we would like to share three benefits you should consider.Three Benefits of DenturesImproved Appearance: Advances in materials and techniques allow us to create dentures that actually improve ...

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Invisalign Benefits

Invisalign | Atlantis Dental Care
When we were kids orthodontics was done for a specific reason: beauty. Face it, that's why parents took us to the orthodontist. That's what the orthodontist wanted: beautiful straight teeth. That's also what other people wanted. Business school research shows that people with crooked teeth averaged lower wages.Why Invisalign?While all that may be true, many patients have crooked teeth. No big deal right? You’re married. Your spouse loves you with crooked teeth. You got a date to the prom. You have your dream job. Why have my teeth straightened with Invisalign? The answer may surprise you. And it comes down to dollars. That's right, it’s cheaper to straighten your ...

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Choosing a Dental Implant 101: What Every Patients Needs to Know

Dental Implants | Atlantis Dental Care
You lost a tooth. Now what? They stick a post in the spot and slap a tooth on top of it, right? Well, not quite. Let’s talk about the important parts of getting a dental implant that every patient should consider.“Bad to the Bone”When you lose a tooth is that all you lose? Sadly the answer is “No”. Once a tooth is removed, the bone around the missing tooth is also damaged and lost. Every time. Big infection present? -lots of bone loss. Hard extraction? –lots of bone loss.The tooth being present stimulates the jaw and keeps the bone healthy. For every year the tooth is missing an alarming amount ...

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Fair Prices, Great Care

Affordable Dental Care | Boise Dentist
The Problem:While dental care is not part of the Obama-Care program, dental coverage has been greatly affected by Obama-Care. The new medical insurance plans have increased premiums for families and their employers. The ever-increasing medical insurance costs have rolled-over into dental care. Dental insurance companies have been charging more and have become more restrictive in what they will cover. They are covering less and less while putting hidden loopholes into their policies to deny more claims. For example, most companies would pay for a crown every 5 years. Now, many have hidden clauses that they will only pay for that tooth to be worked on ONCE ever in a lifetime. ...

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Meridian Dental Visit for Kids

Child Dentistry | Atlantis Dental
What age should I take my kids for a first visit at a Meridian Dental Office?This question comes up quite often from my patients who have children. The pediatric associations recommend one year as a target for a child’s first dental exam. Several other factors may also play into the decision of when to first take your toddler to the dentist like emotional maturity and stranger anxiety.What to ExpectYour first Meridian Dental office visit should happen before any problems are present. The best time to introduce a child to the dentist is before any invasive treatment is required. Preventative care can happen at the pace that your child’s emotional needs ...

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Cracked Teeth & Crowns

crowns boise id
Life expectancy from 1000 BC to AD 1800, has remained less than 30 years. Since 1960, the increase in life expectancy has been more rapid than at any other time in history. In 1965 the average lifespan was 65 years; In 1998 was 78 years. Life expectancy in 2001 was 85 years for a non-smoking individual abnormal weight. A 65-year-old person today can now expect to live more than 20 additional years, And an eight-year-old can expect to live 10 more years. As a population, we now have to worry about keeping our teeth in proper working order for a much longer projected lifespan. What does this all mean? It ...

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