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Flavored Water: Is it Healthy for Your Mouth?

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In the past thirty years, there has been a huge shift in the type of beverages consumed by the public. A push to first make water taste “better”, followed by efforts to make drinking water more appealing and fun by adding non-caloric flavorings.

While no one can dispute the health benefits of staying properly hydrated, there are many differing opinions about whether flavoring your water has any unwanted side effects. Some great research projects have shed some light on the subject of Water Enhancers and your teeth.

What studies have been conducted?

Dental schools in the United States and Canada conducted studies using different Water Enhancers on teeth in a laboratory environment. By ...

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Fair Prices, Great Care

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The Problem:

While dental care is not part of the Obama-Care program, dental coverage has been greatly affected by Obama-Care. The new medical insurance plans have increased premiums for families and their employers. The ever-increasing medical insurance costs have rolled-over into dental care. Dental insurance companies have been charging more and have become more restrictive in what they will cover. They are covering less and less while putting hidden loopholes into their policies to deny more claims. For example, most companies would pay for a crown every 5 years. Now, many have hidden clauses that they will only pay for that tooth to be worked on ONCE ever in a lifetime. ...

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Welcome to our New Office Manager, Bonnie!

Bonnie | Atlantis Dental Care in Boise ID

We felt it was time to add another professional to our staff. We found a real pro in Bonnie. Come meet her and be impressed with her level of dental knowledge. Bonnie has been in the dental field since she was a teen. She has worked chair side with the doctor, front desk, billing and management. She and our long-term receptionist Joyce bring a wealth of experience to the practice. Appointments are more efficient for our patients and dealings with dental insurance are clarified. Take a minute and come meet our new front office superstar addition.

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