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Atlantis Dental Care
13238 W. Persimmon Ln. Suite 100
Boise, Idaho 83713

Your First Visit

As you walk into Atlantis Dental Care for your appointment, you will be greeted with a warm, welcoming “hello!” by our front office staff.

If you haven’t filled out our Patient Forms beforehand, no problem! We have several iPads with forms already loaded up and ready to be filled out as you check in.

After checking in, feel free to unwind in our waiting room where we have free wi-fi, a water cooler, and a coffee bar for you to take advantage of before your appointment begins.

Meeting Dr. Cantwell

Dr. Cantwell will greet you at the front and take you back into the operatory where we have cable TV  at each chair so you can sit back, relax, and watch your favorite shows during your visit.

If you are a new patient, feel free to share any and all concerns you may have about your current oral health, then Dr. Cantwell will begin his comprehensive exam, which includes:

  • Head and Neck Cancer Screening
  • An in-depth look for cavities
  • Periodontal exam to analyze gum health
  • Joint evaluation for TMJ concerns
  • Occlusal (bite) evaluation
  • Orthodontic evaluation for crowding, wear, and esthetics.

He will then take photographs and x-rays that encompass every avenue of your mouth to get a full understanding of any issues.

Lastly, as the examination comes to a close, Dr. Cantwell will go over short and long-term treatment options to address any disease, cavities, or other problem areas that were brought to light during the process.

Your Dental Cleaning

You will be greeted by your dental hygienist after your exam to begin your dental cleaning. This cleaning is customized to fit your own personal needs. The hygienist will be cautious of sensitive teeth while simultaneously cleaning the hard-to-reach areas in between teeth that normal flossing and brushing can’t reach. This process will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth.

The hygienist will then spend time brushing each individual tooth with a high-powered brush to eliminate further build up. They will floss your teeth to remove any excess plaque and toothpaste within the gumline. After rinsing with a spout you will then be taught ways to properly maintain your teeth through flossing and brushing techniques, as well as what foods to avoid that can exacerbate oral health issues.

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We are open for all care. Please note we will be operating on a NO-Waiting Room policy. Please call or text from your call when you arrive. We will notify you when we are ready to seat you for your appointment.