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Meridian Dental Visit for Kids

Child Dentistry | Atlantis Dental

What age should I take my kids for a first visit at a Meridian Dental Office?

This question comes up quite often from my patients who have children. The pediatric associations recommend one year as a target for a child’s first dental exam. Several other factors may also play into the decision of when to first take your toddler to the dentist like emotional maturity and stranger anxiety.

What to Expect

Your first Meridian Dental office visit should happen before any problems are present. The best time to introduce a child to the dentist is before any invasive treatment is required. Preventative care can happen at the pace that your child’s emotional needs ...

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Cracked Teeth & Crowns

crowns boise id

Life expectancy from 1000 BC to AD 1800, has remained less than 30 years. Since 1960, the increase in life expectancy has been more rapid than at any other time in history. In 1965 the average lifespan was 65 years; In 1998 was 78 years. Life expectancy in 2001 was 85 years for a non-smoking individual abnormal weight. A 65-year-old person today can now expect to live more than 20 additional years, And an eight-year-old can expect to live 10 more years. As a population, we now have to worry about keeping our teeth in proper working order for a much longer projected lifespan. What does this all mean? It ...

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Bone Loss & Implants

Dental Implans | Meridian ID Dentist

What to do with implant based tooth replacement: 

Don't wait! In implant based tooth replacement this can work against the process. Once a tooth is lost, the clock starts ticking. We have a limited amount of time to place the implant before enough bone is lost that an implant is no longer an option.

Our bodies are amazing units. They heal and adapt to stress, racing resources along to build up areas that need help. The immune system ramps up when an invader is detected. Our adrenal glands start pumping out epinephrine when a dangerous or intense situation is detected by our brain.  But along with those comes some negative.

When our body ...

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Dental Implant Advantage #1

Dental Implants | Eagle ID

Improved Chewing Function:

Dental Implants have a huge advantage over dentures. One of the biggest is the amount of force that can be generated. While healthy teeth are able to produce about 500 pounds of biting pressure per square inch, dentures are only able to produce about 20-30% of that force. A significant reduction in the things that can be eaten results in everyday choices about food based on, “Can I chew that?”

Patients who have dentures, as a group, consume foods that are higher in carbohydrates and processed (easier to chew) foods. This contributes to poorer diets and increases risk for diabetes, and other problems. Not to mention the diminished ...

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Kudos to the Hygienist!

We hired a new hygienist last year. And it is quite the process. There are several hygiene schools around with no shortage of graduates. A multitude of people are relocating to Boise and hygienists are no exception. Every week hygiene resumes cross my desk. So finding a hygienist is not a problem. Finding a great hygienist is a treasure hunt.

To make a long hire short: we hired Jacque.

Let me explain why:

Integrity, Excellence, Service are our practice core values, and Jacque has them in spades. Not just once in a while. Not eighty percent of the time. All the time. Jacque can treat the last patient of the day with as ...

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Training for Dental Implants in Boise ID

Dentist Meridian ID | Dental Implants

Dental Implant Training

Dental Implant training is an interesting topic. We all want the best-qualified practitioner providing our treatment. So, how do you find out if your dentist has appropriate training?

The first thing to understand about dental implants is that there is no such thing as a recognized implant specialty. Dentists who complete Endodontic residency are specialists in root canals. Likewise, Pedodontists for kids, Orthodontists for braces, etc. These specialties are recognized by all dental organizations like the American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry and all State and Federal Medical boards. However, there is NO SPECIALTY FOR DENTAL IMPLANTS.

There are dentists who have focused their practices on one or more ...

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From Flossing to Dental Implants

Flossing and Dental Implants | Atlantis Dental Care

Only about 12% of Americans floss. Hard to believe? Not so much. It’s boring. But if you want to keep your own teeth instead of dental implants, crowns or bridge work, then it is absolutely essential.

Flossing with twigs has been around since prehistoric times. But it was in 1815: American dentist, Dr. Levi Spear Parmly who introduced the idea of using waxed silken thread as floss. Too bad he wasn’t able to share it with his contemporary George Washington. Would have prevented those horrible and carved wooden dentures. If only we had a time machine to go back and provide President Washington some implants to hold his dentures, then we ...

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