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What is the Cost of Dental Implants in Meridian Idaho?

October 28, 2011
Posted By: David Cantwell, DDS
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One of the most frequent phone calls we receive is: “How does a dental office determine how much a dental implant costs?” So how much are dental implants?

A wise man and mentor of mine told me the answer to most questions is, unfortunately – “It depends.” Not the simple answer you were looking for? Don’t lose hope. There are some great rules of thumb to control your dental implants cost.

Rule #1: Don’t wait! Once a tooth is lost the jawbone in that area starts to dissolve away. Less bone equals increased complexity. More complexity means the dental implants cost increases. If you heed the first rule then Rule #2 can help.

Rule #2: Multiple implants = lower cost per implant. It usually takes a little bit longer for the dentist to place one more implant during the same appointment. Most practitioners will reduce their fees in this case.

Rule #3: Plan ahead. Know your costs beforehand. Let our insurance specialist help you navigate the confusing rules of your dental plan. Have our Meridian dental office check with your insurance coverage to help you control and budget for future dental implant costs.

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