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October 21, 2016
Posted By: David Cantwell, DDS
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The Problem:

While dental care is not part of the Obama-Care program, dental coverage has been greatly affected by Obama-Care. The new medical insurance plans have increased premiums for families and their employers. The ever-increasing medical insurance costs have rolled-over into dental care. Dental insurance companies have been charging more and have become more restrictive in what they will cover. They are covering less and less while putting hidden loopholes into their policies to deny more claims. For example, most companies would pay for a crown every 5 years. Now, many have hidden clauses that they will only pay for that tooth to be worked on ONCE ever in a lifetime. No matter what the procedure. That is like your mechanic saying the tires on your car have to last the rest of your life!

Our self-insured have suffered the most. They are paying an average of $600 per person a year for “Dental Insurance”, and still get stuck with most of the bill. That's not insurance. If your house burned down and the homeowner's insurance only paid for half the house up to a thousand dollar max. Also, when they need dental work the treatment they need is frequently denied.

Our Solution:

We have developed an in-office discount plan to level the playing field for our self-insured and un-insured patients. This plan is half the cost of an insurance plan and gives you better coverage with: No Loopholes! Take a look at our Loyalty Program

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Contact our office and talk with Bonnie today for information. Sign up in 2016 and get 25% off your dental bill. That is an extra 5% off for a full year!


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