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Invisalign Benefits

May 10, 2017
Posted By: David Cantwell, DDS
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When we were kids orthodontics was done for a specific reason: beauty. Face it, that's why parents took us to the orthodontist. That's what the orthodontist wanted: beautiful straight teeth. That's also what other people wanted. Business school research shows that people with crooked teeth averaged lower wages. 

Why Invisalign?

While all that may be true, many patients have crooked teeth. No big deal right? You’re married. Your spouse loves you with crooked teeth. You got a date to the prom. You have your dream job. Why have my teeth straightened with Invisalign? The answer may surprise you. And it comes down to dollars. That's right, it’s cheaper to straighten your teeth! Let’s explain why.

We are living longer. That shouldn’t be a surprise. But the fallout of living longer is all over the media. Medicare projections, social security, and the list goes on. Dental needs don't get much press time. The longer we live, the more we use our teeth. The more we use our teeth the more they wear, are exposed to acid erosion, abrasion, decay, and gum disease. 

If you drive your car with the tires out of balance all of the tires don’t touch the road equally. Result: your tires wear out quicker. Crooked teeth wear down faster, have more erosion, abrasion, and fractures than teeth that have a balanced bite. With a balanced bite, where all teeth touch equally, all the teeth share the load and decrease wear dramatically. This creates less time at the dentist repairing broken teeth.

Cleaning straight teeth is easier. But cleaning crooked teeth can be done as well, albeit with a little more elbow grease. Unfortunately, two things are against us. First, our teeth are always moving. If you do not wear retainers a few nights a week, your teeth are moving. Some move fast, some slow but all teeth move resulting in the crowding getting worse as we age. Look around the grocery store. Those crooked teeth weren’t crooked twenty years ago. Second, our dexterity goes down. It gets harder to do the same cleaning tasks the older we get. 

Straightening your teeth early is easier when it is less crowded and is one of the top preventive health measures you can take. And the good news is when you make it function well, it looks great too! Don’t wait to get Invisalign until you are fixing all the problems. Take a preventative approach to do it early, easy, and enjoy that bright, beautiful, EASY to take care of smile. Invisalign, It’s not just for pretty smiles.

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