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Kudos to the Hygienist!

April 19, 2014
Posted By: David Cantwell, DDS

We hired a new hygienist last year. And it is quite the process. There are several hygiene schools around with no shortage of graduates. A multitude of people are relocating to Boise and hygienists are no exception. Every week hygiene resumes cross my desk. So finding a hygienist is not a problem. Finding a great hygienist is a treasure hunt.

To make a long hire short: we hired Jacque.

Let me explain why:

Integrity, Excellence, Service are our practice core values, and Jacque has them in spades. Not just once in a while. Not eighty percent of the time. All the time. Jacque can treat the last patient of the day with as much care and interest as the first ten. Tough to do in any job that is repetitive. And she has experience. She knows her job well and even brings a Laser Periodontal knowledge with her to our office. 

So welcome Jacque next time you are in for your cleaning. She is a great fit with our office philosophy, meshes with the team, and will take great care of you.

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