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These Sticky Treats Could Cause Your Crown to Come Loose!

February 8, 2018
Posted By: David Cantwell, DDS
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You know that you should eat nutritious foods that support your general health and avoid foods that compromise your oral health, like candy. But every once in a while, your sweet tooth rears its ugly head, and you find yourself reaching for that candy bar.

Chewy Treats to Avoid

There is no reason why you can’t treat yourself to a sweet occasionally as long as you remember to brush afterward. But some chewy candies will loosen or damage a dental crown or bridge and send you heading to the dentist for an emergency visit.

These are the treats you want to avoid like the plague, and you probably already have a good idea what they are. If you are going to protect your crowns, you need to stay away from sticky treats like caramels, taffy,  gummy candies, and the worst culprit of all – good old Tootsie Rolls.

How Sticky Treats Damage Restorations

Dental cement is strong and durable and can last for decades. But even if the cement is intact, a chewy candy can get stuck to your restoration and break the seal, causing a crown to come loose or to fall out altogether.

Of course, your first mission is to avoid treats that you know can directly damage your teeth. The second is to stay current with semi-annual exams so your dentist can check to make sure your crowns and are secure and intact.

Please Call Us to Learn More

If you indulge in a lot of chewy treats and are concerned about your dental crowns, please call our Meridian, ID dental office to arrange an appointment. We offer high-quality, comprehensive dentistry, including prevention and patient education.

Dr. Dave Cantwell will be happy to check your restorations and make recommendations about the best ways you can protect your investment!

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