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I have bleeding after my extraction. What should I do?

man with tooth pain in boise idIt is normal to have some light or intermittent bleeding after having a tooth extracted. Here is a list, in order, of steps to remedy the situation. If you experience heavy bleeding that will not stop, please call our dental office or go to the emergency room immediately.

Steps to remedy bleeding after a tooth extraction

  1. Limit activity – The more active you are, the more your heart rate and blood pressure increases. Sit down, lay back and relax till bleeding stops.
  2. Apply pressure – Use the gauze that was provided at our dental office. Fold into a tight square and place directly over the extraction site. Bite firmly, hold still, and resist the urge to check it for at least an hour. Watch your favorite TV show to distract yourself in the meantime.
  3. Drink black tea – Take a slightly moistened tea bag and place over the site and bite down. Keep still and wait for an hour before you remove the tea bag.

These three tips will take care of 99% of bleeding that commonly occurs after we extract a tooth.

Contact Atlantis Dental Care 

Don't ever hesitate to contact Dr. Cantwell at our Boise dental office if you experience any problems after we extract a tooth. We can take a look at the extraction sites and determine next steps.

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