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What is a dental crown?

A tooth becomes weak with cracks and wear caused by trauma, usage, decay, and fillings. When this happens, the tooth becomes structurally unsound and will break or crumble under normal use. Placing a dental crown at our Boise dental office is a procedure we perform to strengthen a tooth. A dental crown is a porcelain or metal jacket that covers and surrounds the tooth, which makes it strong and functional again.

What happens during the procedure?dental crown | boise id

During the first step, Dr. Cantwell removes the decay or fractures from the damaged tooth. Next, he reduces the tooth by a 1-2 mm of thickness so that when he places the crown, it will fit naturally along the gum line. Dr. Cantwell then scans the tooth with a 3-D scanner that allows him to design your new dental crown digitally. 

With this design as a guide, your crown is milled out of a small block of a ceramic block that is the same size shape and color as the original tooth. Your new dental crown is bonded securely onto the tooth restoring the function and appearance of the tooth.

Schedule a crown consultation

Please contact our Boise, ID dental office to request an appointment with Dr. Cantwell, and he’ll help you decide if a dental crown is the right choice for you.

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