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Do dental implants hurt?

dental implants diagram | boise idComfortable Dentistry at Atlanta Dental Care

It’s no secret that dental anxiety is a problem for millions of people. Anxiety triggers can be the sights and sounds of a dental office or a fear of injections. For most people, however, it’s the fear of dental pain that is the biggest obstacle to overcome.

So it makes sense that facing a procedure like dental implant placement can be overwhelming. Dr. Cantwell and our team want you to know that we’re sympathetic to your feelings here at Atlantis Dental Care. Our goal is to show you that even a more complex dental procedure is nothing to be afraid of when you are surrounded by a team of professionals whose focus is on you and your comfort.

Having a dental implant placed is no more uncomfortable than having a tooth extracted. In fact, many of our patients are surprised that the procedure was pretty uneventful. Our gentle approach, combined with the use of effective sedation techniques, ensures that you will remain comfortable at all times.

What separates Dr. Cantwell from the rest?

Dr. Cantwell has been providing high-quality dental care to patients in Boise for over ten years and has a reputation for being a kind and considerate professional. We also help improve your experience by staying up to date with advances in dental technology and techniques that streamline your treatment.

Please contact our Boise dental office at (208) 938-2468 to arrange an appointment with Dr. Cantwell so he can explain the implant placement process and how we keep you comfortable.

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