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How should I choose a dental implant?

Dental Implants | Dentist 83713 Making the decision to have a dental implant can be stressful. There are multiple factors that need to be considered and putting them all together can make the decision seem so complex that you throw up your arms and make no decision at all. After years of helping patients make this decision we hope to pass along some pointers that should clear the way.

Dental implants hold a giant lead over other treatments. This is not an over-statement. Let's name a few of the advantages implants hold:

  • You can replace a tooth without damaging the adjacent teeth. This is extremely important when you realized that all dental work will someday wear out and need to be replaced. Cutting into a tooth that does not need it damages a tooth that did not need to be worked on and creates a dental restoration that will eventually need to be replaced.
  • When you replace a tooth with a bridge the fate of three teeth are hooked together. The tooth that was missing, and the teeth on either side of it that are all three splinted together. If you damage or get decay in any of the three you will have to replace all three, as they are made as one unit.
  • You can floss an implant. A bridge is one unit. Floss must be threaded underneath each time. It's such a pain not that many people consistently do it.
  • The implant can not decay. Titanium never gets a cavity. On the other hand the number one reason bridges fail is due to cavitties (see previous sentence).

While every treatment choice (or non-choice) has its consequences, Implants are almost always the best option.

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