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Are dental implants safe?

Dental Implants | Dentist 83713 Dental implants are a safe and amazing treatment possibility giving you the longest-lasting teeth replacement treatment dental science has to offer.

Three big items need to be reviewed when discussing implant safety: Planning, Surgery, and Maintenance.


Planning. Planning. Planning. This is the lynchpin. If not planned correctly the safety is compromised. Nerves, arteries and other anatomical structures must be avoided. The implant must be placed in the ideal position to support the tooth. It all starts with a 3-D optical scan of your mouth and teeth. This 3-D scan is used to digitally place the missing tooth or teeth where they are correctly aligned. Then a 3-D xray called a Cone Beam scan, is combined to give the exact location of the future implant, assuring that there is no danger. Now that the future tooth and implant are in the correct place, a surgical guide is milled out in our office. this guide allows Dr. Cantwell to place the implant in the planned location safely, and confidently. Anything else is guesswork. This process is called "Fully Guided Surgery". ANYTHING ELSE IS GUESSING.


Surgical safety has improved with improved planning. No guesswork in the placement position of the implant has led to faster surgical times. Very small to no-incision needed, with faster surgery means less complications and a smooth recovery. Implants have gone from an outpatient surgery to an outpatient and back-to-work the next day procedure.


While implants have stood the test of time, proving themselves resilient with reduced susceptibility, the key to good longevity is regular checkups. Good home care combined with regular checkups means an implant that can give you a lifetime of dependable service. 

By investing in technology that allows Fully Guided Surgery, Safety has gone up, complications down, and function, beauty, and patient satisfaction are amazing!

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