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What are the advantages of dental implants?

1. Implants are individual units. They aren’t attached to the teeth surrounding them. A bridge is hooked to the teeth on either side of a space so if one part of a bridge fails, it ALL must be replaced..

2. Implants Floss and brush like a tooth. Bridges need to have floss threaded under them for cleaning. Failing to do this results in decay; the number one reason for bridge loss.

3. Longevity. Average bridge life span is 7-10 yrs. An implant is much longer. Possibly life

4. Implants Support Bone. The moment you lose a tooth the jaw bone around that site starts deteriorating losing 8-10% a year. An implant placed in the site reduces that amount to almost zero, preserving a healthy, strong jaw

5. Implants are strong. They can support normal chewing loads like a natural tooth.

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