Teeth Whitening in Boise ID

We all want to have a beautiful smile that expresses who we truly are. But if your teeth are stained and discolored, it’s difficult to smile when interacting with others, and your self-confidence suffers. Fortunately, we offer professional teeth whitening in Boise, ID to help you feel good about your smile. We don’t mean store-bought kits or strips but professional whitening under the discretion of dental professionals.

These days, it seems there are virtually endless choices when it comes to teeth whitening products. If you don’t believe us, take a walk down the dental care section of your local drug store or browse the internet!

Considering all these choices, it can be a challenge to know which option is right for you and which works best. When you choose teeth whitening at our Boise, ID dental office, we'll help you select the system that is right for you—the system that allows for optimal whitening safely.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to learn more about professional teeth whitening in Boise, ID, or if you would like to learn whether whitening is right for you, we encourage you to contact a member of our team today.

Continue reading to learn more about what we have to offer.

Why should I choose professional teeth whitening in Boise, ID?

professional teeth whitening | boise idSure, there are lots of over-the-counter whitening products available, but do they do what they claim? Some do little to nothing. Others give some results but with consequences. In other words, you may come away with uneven whitening, stripes on your teeth because of ill-fitting whitening trays, or even gum irritation and tooth sensitivity.

At Atlantis Dental Care, we make sure teeth whitening is a safe option for you, considering any restorations and the state of your teeth and gums. Additionally, our custom-designed trays will always fit your smile, so no whitening gel leaks onto your gums to cause sensitivity.

Our dental team can help advise you on the teeth whitening products that fit your needs ideally. No two smiles are the same, and you need a system or prescription that will work best for you. Get in touch if you’re considering professional teeth whitening in Boise, ID.

Will whitening my teeth cause harm?

Many of us want to enjoy a bright, sparkling smile that lights up a room. It can be tempting to overdo it – some people believe the best way to whiten is repeated treatments or applications. But is it possible to over-bleach?

The most common side effect of bleaching is tooth sensitivity. Some patients experience mild sensitivity to cold or liquids, while others may experience more intense sensitivity. Extreme sensitivity can often be treated with a desensitizing toothpaste, but this is a situation where you definitely may want to consider reducing the frequency or the length in which you whiten your teeth.

With supervised bleaching treatments at Atlantis Dental Care, however, you won’t have to worry about uncomfortable side effects. If you have been using over-the-counter products for some time and are experiencing sensitivity, please give us a call.

The teeth whitening products we use at our Boise, ID dental office are prescription-strength and specially formulated for the individual patient. This means that if your teeth are sensitive to the whitening product used, we can take steps to adjust the concentration of the whitener.

If you would like to see what a professional teeth whitening treatment can do for your smile, please contact Atlantis Dental Care. We will be happy to arrange a dental appointment for your next teeth cleaning and discuss the best whitening solution for your needs.

What is in-office tooth whitening?

A professional in-office teeth whitening treatment is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a quick solution for stained teeth. If you’re on a tight timeline for an event like a wedding or class reunion and want to get a jump-start on whitening, we can dramatically brighten up your smile in a single one-hour visit to our office. This means lifting away yellow and brown tooth stains and giving you a smile you can be proud to show the world.

As part of your treatment, we’ll also provide take-home trays and whitener so you can do touch-ups at home as needed. This convenient option means whitening on your own time and in the privacy of your own home!

How do take-home kits work?

When we talk about take-home whitening kits, please remember there’s a world of difference between the kits you buy at the store and those we prescribe for you. First, and most importantly, even though you do your whitening at home, you are under the care of a professional who understands the proper way to whiten your teeth safely.

Also, professional take-home kits produce results that are far superior to store-bought kits. Your professional kit includes a whitening tray that is designed using exact impressions of your teeth. This is an advantage because the personalized tray completely covers all exposed surfaces of your teeth for consistent results, better whitening, and less sensitivity.

Take-home teeth whitening kits at our Boise dental office have also proven to produce longer-lasting results than even a professional in-office whitening can. This is because you use the at-home trays every day for two weeks. This extended exposure to the whitener is very effective in achieving the whitest smile possible.

If you have whitened your teeth in the past but have problems with sensitivity, ask the team at Atlantis Dental. They have a process that delivers a bright smile and reduces teeth sensitivity.

Can I combine teeth whitening with another cosmetic dental option?

professional teeth whitening kit in boise idMany patients choose professional teeth whitening in Boise, ID before restorations like dental implants. This approach allows you to choose a whiter and brighter restoration. There are many options to choose from when it comes to combining cosmetic dentistry treatments.

The first step is always a chat and exam with your Boise, ID dentist to make sure that cosmetic dentistry and professional teeth whitening are a safe option for you. Our dentist wants to hear about your goals, and he wants to help you on your journey to the best smile.

As a rule, taking great care of your smile—brushing and flossing regularly and visiting your dentist twice yearly for exams and cleans—contributes to your cosmetic dentistry success. However, dental issues do not necessarily rule you out as a candidate for cosmetic dentistry in Boise, ID.

How do I maintain my results?

The best way to maintain your whiter smile is to brush and floss daily, visit your dentist and hygienist twice-yearly for dental exams and professional teeth cleanings. You also want to avoid or cut back on tooth-staining foods and beverages like wine and red sauces. You should also stay away from tobacco.

Periodically touching up your new smile with your take-home whitening kit is also a good idea to help you maintain your results. A member of our team will tell you how often to whiten and for how long. You can also contact us if you have questions about whitening touch-ups.

Contact Our Dental Office for Professional Teeth Whitening in Boise, ID

Do you love your smile, but don’t like the appearance of yellow or brown teeth? Please call Atlantis Dental Care to make an appointment for your next teeth cleaning at our Boise dental office. At that time, we’ll be happy to explain all your teeth whitening options.